The skin urban wear. For an effective protection against external aggressions and for a detoxifying action.

Actives: Linen & Protectami®, natural anti-pollution actives.

Ref. 210117
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Soften, moisturize and repair the epidermis, increase its resistance, optimize skin metabolism for optimal protection against external aggressions.
To cope with external aggressions, the new LANGÉ Urban Defense Serum is enriched with natural anti-pollution actives. This ultra-concentrated serum boosts the effectiveness of the active ingredients so that the epidermis regains its luster. Its fluid and delicate texture offers an incredible feeling of comfort and leaves a fresh and luminous complexion.
For an efficient protection, apply in the morning on cleansed face, before the daily care.
Protectami®: This brown algae extract (Padina Pavonica) increases the resistance of the epidermis while firming and regenerating the skin. Cellular cohesion, which tends to weaken with age, is strengthened. The metabolism of the skin is optimized and fully ensures its function of protection against external aggressions (pollutants, etc.).