Extreme Vitality Cream


Moisturizes and creates sparkling and radiant skin.
Protects skin outdoors.

Actives :
Sweet almond oil, Vitamin E and Vitamin C derivative
Using :
Capacity :
50 ml
Reference :
Enhances the radiance of your complexion
Protects your skin during outdoor sports, as well as leisure activities
Immediate and long-lasting benefits of comfort and freshness
After facial cleansing, morning and/or night, apply LANGÉ Extreme Vitality Cream to face and neck. The silky, fluid formula leaves no residue and can be used alone or under cosmetics.
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Detailed description

Considered a fruit and vitamin cocktail, LANGÉ Extreme Vitality Cream is rich in botanical extracts beneficial for the beauty of your skin. Light in texture, it absorbs immediately, quenching thirsty skin cells, leaving your skin perfectly hydrated and protected. Its unique formula, rich in active antioxidants, makes it an ideal choice for all day protection during outdoor sports or leisure activities. Use daily, for a beautiful, ideally balanced and healthy complexion.

Sweet Orange pulp (Rich in Vitamin A and C, Orange invigorates, tones and provides essential skin beneficial minerals), Kiwi pulp (With its important amount of Vitamin C, Kiwi provides both purifying and antioxidant activities), Vitamin C derivative (It favours collagen synthesis for soft, supple, young-looking skin; as an antioxidizing agent, it plays an essential role in boosting radiance by contributing to free radical scavenging), Glycerin (moisturizer of vegetable origin), Sweet Almond Oil (rich in essential fatty acid, it is moisturizing and restructuring) and Tocopherol (Vitamin E, a natural anti-oxidant, protecting the skin against free radicals).