180ml + 50ml
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Nutrients, for a more supple and luminous skin, hydrating actives, for a softer and comfortable skin, protective complex against harsh climates and outside elements.
This anti-aging care ritual helps your skin to regain its tone and beauty. Used in synergy, products of this mini-cure offer a targeted anti-aging solution, combining a cocktail of extraordinary actives.
- Glycerin : moisturizer of vegetable origin;

- Camellia oil : it has restructuring, moisturizing and also excellent film-forming properties;

- Organic Silicium : it acts on the depth of wrinkles, firmness and elasticity of the skin;

- Shea Butter : it nourishes, softens and protects against free radicals;

- Tocopheryl linoleate : derivative of vitamin E with antioxidant properties;

- Brown algae extract : it moisturizes your skin and restores its softness and firmness by acting on its water tanks;

- Green tea extract : contains many polyphenols, which are powerful antioxidants. It is astringent, toning and activates circulation.