Our mission is to enhance your beauty with the use of our fine products. We seek out the richest active materials that nature can offer to create high-performance treatments that will illuminate your beauty.

LANGÉ goes directly to the source of these beauty enhancement marine and botanical extracts that the natural world offers. LANGÉ then operates a rigorous selection on their origin, their purity, and the precise time of their harvest. We want to be sure that our beauty products incorporate the finest and most active materials available.

By going directly to the source of these extracts we can assure that the natural ingredients that we use are highly concentrated in active principles.

The exceptional richness of our beauty products is the secret to their performance on your skin.


Located in the heart of the French Cosmetic Valley* between Paris and the Chateaux of the Loire, LANGÉ is part of the French heritage of mastery of elegance and beauty.

Our expertise is using this exceptional know-how to benefit the unique beauty of each woman.

“Without variety, no beauty”: We have developed a wide range of treatments to meet the specific needs of each skin type and various environmental living conditions of our clients.

Our attention to the uniqueness of women assures you that our personalized LANGÉ ritual will get you an ultra-targeted response targeted toward your well-being and beauty enhancement experience.

*the largest world cluster of resources in the perfume and cosmetics industries.


The LANGÉ products combine the most advanced research in natural ingredients and biotechnology.

This synergy between innovation and the science of nature enables the development of high-performance LANGÉ care.

LANGÉ also focuses on collective research projects, and it has created Cosmet’up together with LVMH Research and the Association of Cosmetic Valley. Cosmet’up is a support platform for innovations and start’up in the field of Cosmetics.